Student Agenda

Agenda must be in a one inch binder at all times. The only writing in your agenda should be homework, upcoming assignments, and pass pages for movement around the building. You must write in pen! You should not color, tear, fold or remove any pages from this agenda. There is a replacement fee for any lost or damaged agendas. If pass pages are torn out of the agenda the student will not be permitted to leave the classroom when a pass is needed.  
On each Friday’s date in the student agenda there will be a space for parent signature. This signature will be checked during homeroom on Monday. It is expected with the signature that you will be reviewing your child’s academic achievement, responsibility and behavior for that week. If a student has failed to complete and turn in a homework assignment, a stamp will be put into the agenda on the date that it was due. For each week, you will also see “SWIM” stamped in your child’s agenda. Each “SWIMSWIM” letter that has been crossed out represents a repsonsibility issue (ex. left necessary supplies in locker, no interactive NB, did not return paper needing a parent signature, etc.) It is also expected that you will look at the “Dolphin Behavior/Discipline Record” (inside front cover of agenda) to review behavior actions for that week. The agenda is our way of communicating with you on a daily basis. Please review it as often as possible.