Dolphin Behavior Rules

~ 6th Grade Discipline Plan ~ 
Step 1: Written Warning 
Step 2: Lunch Detention  
Step 3: Lunch Detention – Parent Notification 
Step 4: Lunch Detention – Parent & Administration Contact 
Step 5: Office Referral 
–Students start over at Step 1 each 9 weeks unless they have reached Step 5. Students who reach step 5 during a 9 week period will start on Step 3 the following 9 weeks.  
—Infraction Categories and Specifics 
1) Safety Issues (throwing objects; horseplay/running; rocking back in chair; loitering/not where he/she asked to go) 
2) Disrupting Instruction (out of seat without permission; communication without permission; passing notes; not following classroom procedures; making noises; blurting out/interrupting during instruction) 
3) Disrespectful Acts (argumentative/talking back; negative body language/actions) 
4) Defiance (refusal to follow teacher direction; chewing gum; skipping Lunch Detention; eating or drinking without permission) 
5) Dishonesty (forging adult signature; cheating; scratching out or altering adult notes/stamps in agenda) 
—Automatic Office Referral 
* Dangerous/harmful physical contact  
* Bullying  
* Skipping class  
* Threats to teacher or other student  
* Profanity 
* Drugs  
* Cell phone/Electronic Devices  
* Weapons