How Can Parents Get in Touch with the Dolphin Teachers?

We want your child to be successful! In order for this to happen, it is imperative that the lines of communication between home and school remain open. There are several ways that you can contact your child’s teachers to either set up a conference or just to see how things are going. Feel free to contact us any of the following ways:  
A. Phone Call  
Call the school at 733-2740 and leave a message for a specific teacher or the entire team.  
B. Student’s Agenda  
—Ask your child to bring home his/her agenda on a daily basis.  
—All teachers are requiring students to write down homework assignments, upcoming tests/projects, etc. in their agendas. Teachers may also write comments concerning grades, incomplete homework (…ink stamps will be used), and behavior in the students’ agendas.  
—Parents are encouraged to write questions, concerns, etc. in their child’s agenda. After reading your note, the teacher will initial it. If this is not done, chances are the teacher never received the note.  
—According to school policy, each student must keep his/her agenda in a one inch binder.  
C. Internet  
—The Prince George County Public School site contains information on all county schools; a listing of e-mail addresses for all school employees; and a link to Tyler SIS Grade System so that you can access your child’s grades. (Note: Via e-mail, you should receive a password that is needed to view your child’s grades.) The address is  
—When you log on to the Prince George County Public School site, you can also access notes created by each teacher. The notes may contain team polices, upcoming team and school-wide events, current topics, objectives, test/quiz dates, upcoming projects, and homework assignments. To access a specific teacher’s notes, click on Staff Weblogs; scroll down to the “M’s”(Moore teachers); continue scrolling through the “Moore teachers” to find the name of the teacher whose notes you wish to view; then click on that teacher’s name.  
—You can e-mail each teacher through the website or by using our addresses:  
Mrs. Boiteau (Science)—  
Mrs. Bowen (1st, 2nd & 3rd Pd. Soc. St.)— 
Mrs. Humphrey (5th Pd. Soc. St.)— 
Mrs. Hunt (English)—  
Mrs. Sundbeck (Math)—  
***All conferences and/or phone calls will be planned from 1:00-2:15.