Unit 1 – Pre history

Unit Question: To what extent does man adapt his lifestyle to changes in the environment? 
Unit 1 Syllabus 
Due Date Assignment Due  
1 Mon 9/14** Tue 9/15 Bring to Class: Notebook (3-ring binder) 
Essay due completed  
Note Cards – you should be working on these EVERY NIGHT! 
2 Wed 9/16**Thu 9/17 HW DUE: Complete Part 1 questions 
Map Quiz  
3 Fri 9/18** Mon 9/21 HW DUE: Complete Part 2 questions 
Ch. 1 vocabulary due in notebooks 
Notes Quiz on Part 1 & 2  
4 Tue 9/22** Wed 9/23 HW DUE: Complete Part 3 questions 
Ch. 1 vocabulary QUIZ 
5 Thu 9/24** Fri 9/25 Unit 1 TEST – use review sheet! 
(Always bring notebook and #2 pencil) 
Reminders: ALL Notecards are due by Mon 10/19 Tue 10/20 
Unit 1 Vocabulary 
Define these words in your notebook, on loose-leaf paper, not on this sheet! 
Number them as you go along so you are sure not to miss any.  
Put the definitions into your own words as much as possible.  
You will have to be able to SPELL these words correctly.  
There will NOT be a word bank!  
Use the gold book @ home, the purple book at school, a dictionary or whatever resources you find necessary. 
prehistory Paleolithic 
hominid Mesolithic 
anthropologist Neolithic 
paleontologist domestication 
archaeologist deity 
artifact civilization  
radio-carbon dating myth 
nomad artisan 
technology (17 total)