Age of Exploration and colonialization

WHII.4 +5 Exploration and Colonization  
Name ______________________  
Teacher: Mcsherry  
The student will demonstrate knowledge of the impact of the European Age of Discovery and expansion into the Americas, Africa, and Asia by  
• explaining the roles and economic motivations of explorers and conquistadors  
• describing the influence of religion  
• explaining migration, settlement patterns, cultural diffusion, and social classes in the colonized areas  
• describing the Columbian Exchange, including its impact on native populations  
• mapping and explaining the triangular trade  
• describing the impact of precious metal exports from the Americas  
____10/7______ The student will analyze the motives and technology which made  
exploration possible.  
• Collect the WHII.3 Packet  
• WHII.3 Test  
• WHII.4 complete map map skills packet a+b  
• Homework: Complete WHII.4 Homework Assignment #1  
____10/9__________ The student will identify the explorers during the Age of  
Discovery and will analyze the motive to spread Christianity.  
• Do Now #1  
• Go over homework  
• Notes #s Chp 2  
• Worksheet: Exp. Puzzle  
• Homework: Complete WHII.4 puzzle and study Chp 2 notes quiz  
_____10/13_______ The student will analyze the expansion into the Americas and the  
impact ihad on the native peoples.  
• Do Now #2  
• collect puzzle  
• Notes #s chp 3  
• quiz chp 2 ppt 
• Homework: Complete WHII.4 study notes FNQ __________and study guide due.  
____10/15________ The student will analyze the Columbian Exchange and the  
triangular trade and the impact of each.  
• Do Now #3  
• collect study guide WHII.4+5  
• rev. take FNQ  
• go over study guide  
Homework: Complete WHII.4 Homework Assignment #4 and study for test _____________  
___10/17___________ The student will review for the test on the Age of Discovery.  
• Do Now #4  
• WHII.4+5 SOL Essential Test 
• start new packet WHII.6 French Rev. and Age of Enlightenment