Age of Enlightenment and French Revolution

Nov. 10th – Nov 25th  
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French Revolution Unit – SOL 6.e,f: Identify the causes of the French Revolution; describe the events of the French Revolution (focusing on the Reign of Terror), explain the outcomes and impacts of the French Revolution on France as well as the rest of the world 
Number of Class Days Required = 6  
Day 1: (1 class) (Nov. 11th ) 
Objectives: SW analyze the structure of Old Regime & explain the roots of the French Revolution and the Age of Enlightenment.  
Intro: Guiding Question: “How does a society create a new government?” Ask this question connecting Enlightenment unit through open discussion (3) 
Act: Complete chp 4 test  
Act: Complete Age of Enlightenment – Read C5S1 and complete wsht in packet  
HW: Finish Enlightenment Notes and study (due next class) (1) 
Day 2: (1 Class) Nov. 13th 
Objectives: SW explain the spread of the French Revolution; analyze the Legislative Assembly & the National Convention; explain the Reign of Terror 
Intro: interpreting graphs Do Now #1 
Act: Complete Power Notes on the Old Regime and Roots to a Revolution PPT notes (1) 
Act: SW complete C6S1-2 wsht in packet  
Asn: Complete Questions on (Due next class) (1) study notes C6S1-2  
Day 3: (1 class) Nov. 17th 
Objectives: SW analyze the Napoleonic Era 
Intro : Causes of French Rev. Do Now  
Act: pop quiz on C6S1-2 notes  
Act: Complete Power Point Notes on “Napoleon” and Return to Order (1) 
Act: Bionic-Napoleon (2)/  
Asn: Complete Questions on C6S3-4(Due next Class) (1) 
Day 4: (1 class) Nov. 19th  
Objectives: SW Quiz on the Age of Enlightenment, French Rev, and Rise and Fall of Napoleon.  
ACT: review and take FNQ  
Act: after quiz complete Puzzle 
Day 5: (1 class) Nov. 21st  
Objectives: SW Test on the French Rev  
Act: Test on French Revolution (2) 
Act: after test students begin watching the movie: Napoleon.  
Day 6: (1 class) (Nov. 25th ) 
Act: students will finish viewing the movie : Napoleon