Dec. 11th – 19th Industrial Revolution

World History II  
C7and 9 Syllabus (SOL #WHII.9) 
Objective: TLW demonstrate knowledge of the effects of the Industrial Revolution during the 19th century. 
Day 1: Dec 10/11 (Bloom 1-2)  
~Pass out Ind. Rev. Packet 
~Notes on C 7 S1-2  
~Complete Rev wsht on C7 S1-2  
~ HW finish rev wsht and study guide study notes Quiz next class  
Day 2: Dec. 12/13 (Bloom 1-2) 
~Rev. and quiz C7S1-2  
~L/N/D/Q C7S3-4  
~ Complete rev questions C7S3-4  
~HW- finish questions and work on study guide due 16th / 17th  
Day 3: Dec. 16/17 : (Bloom 1-2) 
~ Matching rev wsht open notes  
~ collect Study guide  
~ FNQ  
~ rev. study guide  
Day 4: Dec. 18th and 19th : (Bloom 1-2) 
~Do Now: study for TEST  
~ Rev and Take Test  
~after Test : Complete puzzle  
~ Merry Christmas