Dec 1st -11th Unification of Germany and Italy

World History II Name _____________________  
C8S3 and C10 Period_____________________ 
Objective: TLW compare & contrast the unification movements in Germany and Italy. Explain the impact of the American and French Rev. on Latin America. Examine the importance of Toussaint L Ouverture and Simon Bolivar. WHII. 7 + 8 Blooms 1-3 used throughout the lesson.  
Day 1: Dec. 1st  
~L/N/D/Q on Latin America Notes C8 S3  
~Complete maps of South America pages 2+3  
~Complete page 10 Latin Am. Rev ws  
~ hw – study notes, quiz next class finish class assignments  
Day 2: Dec. 3rd 
~rev and quiz on Latin America  
~L/N/D/Q – unification and Germany  
~ complete pages 16+17 rev (ws)  
~ map actvy: pages 24-25  
~Homework: finish map and rev wsht  
Day 3: Dec. 5th  
~Hw check and rev  
~ N/L/D/Q on Unification of Italy  
~ complete pages 22-23 rev (ws)  
~ map actvy: pg. 26-27  
~Homework: finish rev questions and map + study guide FNQ next class  
Day 4: Dec. 9th  
~Do Now: matching actvy  
~rev and take FNQ C8S3 and C10S1-2  
~ complete puzzle on unit (Latin Am and Unification of Germany and Italy)  
~Homework: complete puzzle and study for TEST  
Day 5:  
~ rev and take Test  
~ after test: start Industrial Revolution packet / terms and people wsht  
Terms & People to know:  
Risorgmento Carbonari Young Italy Red Shirts G. Mazzini Victor Emmanuel II Count di Cavour Napoleon III Nationalism 
Guerrilla Warfare G. Garibaldi Realpolitik Kaiser Chancellor 
Militarism William I Social Democratic Party O.von Bismarck William II Junkers Zollverein Treaty of Prague Bundesrat 
Reichstag Kulturkampf