Jan Schedule – Age of Imperialism and Exams

Age of Imperialism – SOL 9.d,e Name __________________  
Teacher: Mcsherry  
Number of Class Days Required = 5  
Pass out the Mid- Term review Packet – Due day of the Mid term – worth a TEST Grade 
Day 1: Jan. 5th  
Objectives: SW identify the four main causes of the Age of Imperialism, define the four types of imperialism.  
Do Now: complete do now 1 + 2 in new packet (10 min)  
Act: Complete Power Point Notes on “Intro to the Age of Imperialism” (1) 
Act: Complete Intro to Age of Imperialism review questions pg 12 and map of Africa pgs 21-22 (due next class) (1) – finish for HW  
Day 2: Jan. 7th 
Objectives: SW describe the patterns of colonization in Africa, identify examples of significant colonies, explain the development of South Africa, explain the effects of Imperialism on Africa 
Do Now: complete do now # 3-4 in packet – check HW pg 12 and pgs 21-22 
Act: Complete Power Notes on “The Partition of Africa” (1) 
Act: Partition of Africa Political Cartoon ws – turn in when complete  
Act: Complete The Partition of Africa Review questions pg 20(Due next class) (1) – finish for hw  
Day 3: Jan. 9  
Objectives: SW explain the role Great Britain had in India and its development, identify some of the responses of the imperialized peoples; describe Japan’s unique situation  
Act: Quiz on Intro to Imp. And African Imp Notes  
Act: Complete Power Point notes on “South Asia Imperialism” 
Act: Complete South Asia Review questions pg. 29-30 and map of SE Asia (ws)  
HW: work on study guide due day of the FNQ 1/13/15 
Day 4: Jan. 13- study guide due today  
Objectives: SW prepare for evaluation on Age of Imperialism 
Act: Collect Study guide and review for FNQ (2) 
Act: Take FNQ on Age of Imperialism  
Act: after FNQ – student will be working on their mid – term rev packet due day of their mid-term worth a test grade!!!!  
HW: Study & Prepare for test 
Day 6: Jan. 15th  
Objectives: SW evaluated on the Age of Imperialism  
Act: Complete Test (1-3) 
Act: after test students will start working on Mid term review packet. Due the day of the mid term – worth a TEST Grade!!!!!!! 
Jan 21st and 23rd will be exam days – have your Mid –term Exam completed and ready to turn in!!!!!!! 
WWI packet will start Jan 27th