WWI – Feb. schedule

WWI – Name __________________ 
Number of Class Days Required = 9 (Jan 27th – Feb. 18th) 
Day 1-2: (2 classes: Jan. 27th – 29th) 
Objectives: SW Analyze the film “All Quiet on the Western Front” 
Act: View Film and Complete attached sheet 
Day 3: (1 Class: Feb 3rd ) 
Objectives: Define the four MAIN causes of WWI, identify the spark of WWI, explain the “dominos” at the beginning of WWI  
Intro: “Is Nationalism good or bad” Guiding Question Discussion (3) 
Act: Complete Power Point Notes on “Causes of WWI” (1) 
hw: Complete Rev. questions on Causes of WWI (pg 16-18) & Map (due next class 2/5) (1) Cause quiz next class 2/5  
Day 4: (1 Class: Feb. 5) 
Objectives: SW identify the changes in Warfare during WWI, identify the two sides, and explain why the United States entered the war 
Intro: check/Review Homework (3) 
Act: Quiz last notes (Causes)  
Act: Complete Power Point Notes on “A New Kind of War” (1)  
Act: Create a Propaganda poster for WWI recruitment and support (2) – pick either side and create a pic and/ or slogan to convince me to join the war effort. Be creative and don’t forget to show lots and lots of details. Must use a WHOLE page for your poster.  
Hw: Complete questions on New Kind of War pg 23 (Due next class) (1) 
Day 5: (1 class: Feb. 9) 
Objectives: SW explain the causes of the Russian Revolution; identify the major leaders and events of the revolution; analyze the outcomes of the Revolution  
Act: Quiz last notes (A New kind of War)  
Act: Complete Power Point notes on “Russian Revolution” 
hw: Complete Rev questions on Russian Rev. pg 29 and Russian rev ws- quiz next class  
Day 6: (1 Class: Feb. 11) 
Objectives: SW Describe the events which lead to the end of WWI; identify the Fourteen Points, explain the results of the Treaty of Versailles 
Act: Quiz last notes Russian Rev  
Act: Complete Power Point Notes on “End of War” (1) 
Act: Complete Rev. questions and Mappg 37-40 (due next class) 
HW: Study Guide – DUE feb. 13 FNQ Feb. 13 
Day 7: (1 Class: Feb. 13)  
Act: FNQ on WWI – Study Guide Due  
Act: after quiz- complete WWI ws  
HW: study notes for test  
Day 8: ( 1 Class: Feb. 17)  
Act: Test on WWI  
Act: after test- start movie War Horse finish 2/19