Week of February 23, 2015

9H – Projects were due Monday 2/23/15. 10 points off per day. 
1. Test Friday on Phrases. See packet. 
2. Most Dangerous Game handout due Wed. Be prepared to discuss in class. 
3. Study short story notes. 
1. Quiz Thursday on phrases (adjective phrases, adverb phrases, appositive phrases, missplaced prepositional phrases) Use the first half of packet to study. 
2. Review “The Cask…” short story on page 61. Review notes on the story for a reading check Thursday. 
3. Projects were due Monday and Tuesday. If you do not have your project with all completed papers next class (we might have weather again on Thursday, so I do not know when next class will be) you will take the media test (Only students who indicated in class Monday and Tuesday that their projects were complete are excluded from the test).