03/16/2015 – 03/20/2015

SOL A.6,A.5  
The student will find the slope of a line.  
The student will solve and graph inequalities and systems of inequalities. 
In class:  
1. Take home “Quest” – Solving and Graphing Inequalities (this is a graded take home quiz on graphing and solving inequalities and systems of inequalities. All work must be shown) Parent initials required! 
2. Test – Slope 
HW – Graded Assignment Slope (Due 3/24/2015) 
SOL A.4 
The student will solve and graph systems of linear equations 
Do Now: Cumulative review 11-30 
In class: 
1. Collect Quest 
2. Solving Systems of Equations 
HW: WS Solving Systems of Equations 
*Quiz next class: Solving Systems of Equations