Unit 10 Our Last Unit!!!!!

We are beginning unit 10 which is our last unit of new information. The students were given the first half of the terms Friday and Today. The second half will be given Tuesday and Wednesday. I strongly encourage students to memorize two or three a night in preparation for the quiz. This will be a BIG unit on Economics which means studying will be a MUST! The due dates are as follows: 
Unit 10 Vocabulary Quiz: 
4th & 6th: Tuesday April 28th 
1st, 5th & 7th: Wednesday April 29th 
Unit 10 Test, Notebook check, and Study Guide: 
4th and 6th: Thursday April 30th 
1st, 5th & 7th: Friday May 1st 
After the Unit 10 test we will jump right into SOL Review! Please encourage your student to come to class prepared each day!