Week of Sept. 8-11

Welcome back students! We have worked hard to prepare for this school year, and I look forward to having you this year. Some things for the year have already been placed into motion such a field trip to the Poe Museum in Richmond. 
The first week you will get the supply list and procedures information. You will also take a pre-assessment on quotation marks, homophones, and apostrophies. It does not count as a grade however. We will also begin discussion of the summer reading assignment Farewell to Manzanar. Due to some teachers at Moore not passing on the information about the summer reading, you actually have until Sept. 21/22 to complete the novel. 
In honor of 9/11, we look at the guiding question of how does society define a hero? The theme of heroism will continue with many of our readings for unit one in our literature book.  
Next week, we have library orientation and back to school night for parents on Wed. Sept. 16th.