Mrs. Preece’s 2nd block 2015-16

English 8 
Clements Jr. High 
Mrs. Preece 
Course Requirements and Guidelines 
Mrs. Preece 
Room 220 Blocks 2 & 5 
A listing of the learning standards for English 8 can be viewed at the following address:  
1. You will need the following supplies as soon as possible: 
a. Three-ring binder (at least a 1-inch) for storing and organizing your information. This should be used for English 8 only. 
b. Loose-leaf paper for assignments and note taking. 
c. Pencils/Pens – Some tests will be on scantron and you will need pencils. No red pens should ever be used to take a test or quiz. 
d. Sectional Dividers (4) – These should be labeled VOCABULARY, GRAMMAR, LITERATURE, and WRITING. Place them in your three-ring binder. All work will be filed behind one of these.  
e. Highlighters (3-4 different colors) – You need these at all times. I will not be able to provide a class set. 
f. Index Cards –You will be able to earn extra credit on vocabulary quizzes if you create flash cards for vocabulary words. Flash cards must be completed prior to class in order to receive credit. 
2. You should report to class each day with required materials. This will typically include your English binder, supplies, novel (if we are reading one at the time), textbook, and any assignments that are due.  
3. You will receive the following types of grades in this class: 
a. Classwork and Homework (25%) – Classwork assignments are completed in class and may include vocabulary exercises, grammar exercises, do now assignments, etc. Homework is essential to student success. 
b. Quizzes (35%) -Most of the time, vocabulary quizzes will be administered every other week. ***There is an extra credit opportunity for vocabulary quizzes EVERY TIME***. Students must make flashcards for each word to get the extra credit. This category also includes literature quizzes, Articles of the Week, and writing assignments that may count as quiz grades. 
c. Tests/Papers/Projects (40%) – You will have a test at the end of each chapter, unit, or major work. Major papers will count as test grades as will projects. 
Homework Policy 
You will have some assignments to complete outside of class. It is your responsibility to get these done by the time they are due. Your homework/classwork average, which counts 25% of your grade, will be affected by incomplete assignments or failure to do an assignment. These assignments will include worksheets, study questions that coincide with reading assignments, projects, and journals. There will be certain units such as novel units, research papers, etc. that will require more outside work than others. 
It would be to your advantage to complete EVERY homework assignment to the best of your ability. 
Make-Up Work Policy 
It is understandable that you may have to be absent from class sometimes. Here are the procedures to follow in order to find out what you missed. 
To find out what you missed in class: 
Once you return, see the make-up work folder to find out what you missed AND to get the specific due date for the missed work. School policy gives you five days from the day you return to get the work made up. You can also check the weblog as Mrs. Preece will post what we did in class each day. You can make up the work during ETEH. Remember, you must see me to get an ETEH pass. 
Note: If you truly have an emergency that causes you NOT to make up your missing work, you need to let us know ahead of time. Have a parent e-mail us or call. Do not come to us after the fact and say that you could not make it on your scheduled day. This will result in a grade of zero on the assignment. 
Classroom Expectations 
1. You must be in the classroom when the bell rings, or you will receive a tardy. If you arrive to the classroom late or are not in your seat when the bell rings, you will report directly to the tardy station. If you enter the classroom to drop off your belongings and then leave without my permission and return after the bell, that does NOT constitute being on time. If you find yourself in this scenario, you must report to the tardy station. See your student planner or an administrator if you have questions about tardies. 
2. You may ask me to sign a pass in your planner IF you feel it is an emergency. I do have the option NOT to issue a pass if I do not deem it necessary for you to leave class. 
3. Please do not write on your desk. 
4. Please do not complete assignments with a red pen.  
5. You must not talk or leave your seat while I am talking or teaching, or while we are going over an assignment. If you must blow your nose privately, please ask permission to excuse yourself in a way that does not disrupt.  
6. Please raise your hand in order to be acknowledged before speaking so you do not interrupt anyone else. 
7. You may NOT write on or erase ANYTHING on the whiteboard unless you have been instructed to do so. 
8. Do NOT bring any food or drinks into the classroom. The only drink you may have is water. THIS IS A SCHOOL RULE. Gum is allowed as long as you keep it out of sight. 
9. Do not spray perfume or apply lotion/makeup in class. I understand that you want to smell nice, however, there are students with asthma and other breathing issues and it is not fair to them to invade their air space just so you can have a more pleasing aroma. 
10. You are responsible for finding out what you have missed if you have been absent from class. I will maintain a folder that you will check to find out what you missed. (See “Make-up Work Policy” for more details). I will not be reminding you repeatedly to make up missing work.  
11. Per the Clements Honor Code, you must do all work and assignments without unauthorized assistance. Anyone caught cheating on a test or quiz or copying work from others will receive a grade of zero on the graded assignment. You will also receive a zero per the honor code. I will contact an administrator and your parent/guardian. 
12. There will be no hats, bandanas, etc. worn in class. Refusal to remove a hat or head covering of any type is considered defiance and will result in a referral to the office. 
13. The student dress code will be enforced at all times. If we have a question about something you are wearing, we will allow you to see someone in the office. If they say it’s okay, they will send you back to class. If not, they will contact a parent to bring you a change of clothing. If you have a question about the dress code, see your planner or an administrator.  
14. You will have an assigned seat at all times. This will be your seat unless Mrs. Preece changes it. If you have a difficulty seeing the board or the projector area, please let me know as soon as possible. 
15. When we are teaching, you should be listening. There is not to be any socializing while we are teaching or talking. 
16. Bring the required book and/or materials every day. There will probably be some extra books left in class for students who accidentally forget their book, but it is important to strive to not make it a habit. There will be no sharing of books for any reason unless we authorize it per group project.  
17. There will be no use of profanity. Any use of profanity (whether it “slipped” or not) will result in a referral to the administration. 
18. Do not throw items across the classroom. This includes paper, trash, pencils, etc. 
19. If you think something is a bad idea, it probably is. Use your best judgment and have a successful 8th grade year. 
Classroom Management Plan 
In addition to the code of conduct, there are classroom rules/procedures that must be followed in order to have a productive day. If a student fails to cooperate with the classroom rules/procedures, there will be consequences for his/her behavior.  
Step One: Verbal Warning 
Step Two: Conference with student privately in the hall 
Step Three: Conference with Guidance Counselor or Case Manager 
Step Four: Phone call or email home 
Step Five: Office referral and/or parent conference 
Based on the severity of the student’s actions, the teacher may refer directly to any step at her discretion. 
**Note on Textbook Issuance** 
Students are no longer required to have textbooks issued to them. All assignments requiring a textbook will be completed in class only. However if you would like your child to have a textbook, please indicate this on the next page by initialing beside your preference. 
Please read, sign, and return this form to the teacher. It will be maintained in your child’s binder but will be checked by me. Your signature indicates you have read and understand this classroom management plan. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me by phone at 733-2730, between 7:30am and 7:45am and between 9:30am and 10:50am. I am always available by email at  
x__________________________________ x__________________________________  
Student Signature Parent Signature 
Date_________________________ Date_________________________ 
Please initial below regarding your preference for your child and English textbooks: 
__________I understand the textbook policy and I do not wish for my child to have a textbook issued as he/she will only need the texts in class. I understand that NO homework will be given using either textbook.  
__________I understand the textbook policy; however, I would still like for my child to have textbooks issued to be kept at home.