September 8-11, 2015

Reviewed information sheet 
Reviewed rules 
Reviewed thumb drive information 
Reviewed syllabus 
Competency 122—comply with copyright and patent laws; Competency 124—comply with policies regarding acceptable use of technology. Students will create a flyer, cartoon, etc. to teach others about these rules 
2nd class: 
Return papers 
Receive thumb drives 
Begin Chapter 4 – Creating a Document with a Title Page, Lists, Tables, and a Watermark.  
• Objectives:  
• place a border around a paragraph 
• change paragraph indentation 
• insert and format a SmartArt graphic 
• apply character effects 
• insert a section break 
• insert a Word document in an open document 
• change theme fonts 
• insert formatted headers and footers 
• sort lists and tables 
• use the format painter 
• add picture bullets to a list 
• create a multilevel list 
• modify and format Word tables 
• sum columns in a table 
• create a watermark  
Students will answer Lesson 4 notes, T/F, MC and projects. Due Thursday.