#1: 26 September 2015

To All: 
We have been in school for several weeks now and I am going to relay a couple of observations at this point. 
* The students, as a whole, appear to be a motivated group wanting to do the correct things; which is good. Please continue to remind your student that school is a place to gain an education and the skills to be successful in the world, not a social venue. 
* We are currently still in the Geography unit of our Curriculum, (US1.2), and the plan is that by this Friday all the classes will be prepared to take the Unit test. This will be the first major assessment of your students out of classroom study habits/skills. At present we have been doing classwork, some written homework, and several reading quizzes, and overall we are in decent shape. As a reminder your student has a standing assignment of studying/reviewing EVERY night, even if they have no written homework. They should NEVER tell you they have no Social Studies homework. 
* Interim Reports will come home on 7 October. 
* Please remember to check your students Agenda every night for any homework assignments, upcoming quizzes, tests, etc. I do have a “Remind” account this year but, per my Parent Letter, my main means of communication is the student agenda. Both the “Remind” system and this “blog” are for general information relay only. 
* If you need your student to have my signature in their agenda then all they have to do is bring it to me. As per my Parent Letter, my signature is a capital cursive “L”. 
* Please remember to sign your students Agenda weekly beneath the “GO EAGLE” stamp. 
Thanks for all of your support. We are off to a pretty solid start. 
R. Leary 
Social Studies 
Team Eagle