# 3: 11 October 2015

To All: 
Couple of items: 
* Remember to sign your students Agenda for the previous week. Sign below the “GO EAGLES” stamp. 
* Remember to check students Agenda for homework assignments. 
* Vocabulary quizzes this week for all classes. 1st, 6th and 7th are on Wednesday; 2nd period is on Thursday. 
* Current plan is to continue study of US1.3, Native Americans, for the rest of this week and then test on the Unit, next week.  
* Students need to be studying/reviewing previous materials on a nightly basis. At this level it is critical to student academic success. 
* We schedule parent/teacher Team Conferences on either Tuesday or Thursday with the three time slots being 0940-1000, 1000-1020, or 1030-1050. If you would like to schedule a Conference please e-mail me at rleary@pgs.k12.va.us. 
Thank you for your continued support. 
R. Leary 
Team Eagle