Week of 10/12/2015

Computer Support Technology I (8622) 
(2nd Block, 4th Block, & 5th Block) 
Week of October 12, 2015 
Log on to http://learning.aries.net  
Do now: Come into class and have a seat. On the board, there will be instructions for them to follow or questions for them to answer. 
1. Questions 
2. Fill-in the blank 
3. Binary problems 
Define and describe electricity, conductors, non-conductors, and semiconductors 
Distinguish between static and dynamic electricity 
Distinguish between amps, volts, and watts  
Describe features of fixed resistors, variable resistors, capacitors, and integrated circuit chips  
Identify basic electrical safety precautions 
Define a power Supply and its function 
Compare / Contrast different power supply form factors 
Describe power supply AC/CD and fan features 
Compare / Contrast switched and linear power supplies 
Lesson: 2: The Number System 
 Complete the Do Now 
 Log on to Aries 
 Review Unit 1 #1- call out questions and students write answers from the board 
 Review packet #2- handout packet and go over answers 
 Test given on 10/14 
 Read and Discuss Lesson 5: Power Supply Basics 
 View different types of Power Supplies 
 Exercise: Explaining the power supply form factors 
 Quiz: Basic Power Supply knowledge 
 Completing missing assignments