Unit 3 – Hebrews, Phoenicians, Persians

Guiding Question: To what extent can a “moral code” affect behavior in any society? 
Day Assignment 
11**Mon 10/12**Tue 10/13 Do Now: Prep for Unit 2 Test 
Complete Unit 2 Test 
Unit 3 Syllabus 
Work on Unit 3 Vocabulary 
12**Wed 10/14** Thu 10/15 Homework: NONE! 
In class: Notes on Phoenicians 
and Hebrews 
13**Fri 10/16** Mon 10/19 Homework:Unit 3 Vocab. DUE! 
In class: Notes on Persians +  
finish Hebrews if need be  
14**Tue 10/20** Wed 10/21 Homework: Unit 3 “Quest” 
Note cards are due on Mon October 19th, Tuesday October 20th