Week of 10/26/2015

Computer Support Technology II (8623) 
(2nd Block, 4th Block, & 5th Block) 
Week of Oct 26, 2015 
Log on to http://learning.aries.net  
Do now: Come into class and have a seat. On the board, there will be instructions for them to follow or questions for them to answer. 
1. Scenarios and they have to figure the problem 
2. Charts and they have to put items in the proper order for networking to take place 
3. Questions  
Compare and Contrast legacy forms of Ethernet with Fast Ethernet 
Compare and Contrast various Gigabit Ethernet standards 
List and describe various Ethernet cabling standards 
Compare and Contrast various types of Ethernet over fiber optical cable 
Explain how an Ethernet works 
Briefly outline Ethernet development from 1975 to the present 
Explain the 5-4-3 rule 
Able to replace ends on Ethernet cables 
Lesson 4: Ethernet 
 Complete Do Now  
 Finish reading and discussing Chapter 4: Ethernet 
 Assemble Ethernet Cables and testing them 
 Complete the Exercise for Chapter 4 
 Complete the Quiz for Chapter 4 
 Give students review questions for the chapter to complete 
 Go over the review questions