Week of 10/26/2015

I T Fundamentals (6670) 
(1st Block & 3rd Block) 
Week of October 26, 2015 
Do now:  
Students come in and have a seat. On the board, they will find a short assignment. 
After completing this chapter, the students will be able to do the following: 
 Understand how data is represented to a computer.  
 Identify several types of input devices and explain their functions.  
 Explain the functions of the primary hardware components found inside the system unit, namely the motherboard, the CPU, and memory.  
 List several output devices and explain their functions.  
 Understand the difference between storage and memory, as well as between a storage device and a storage medium.  
 Name several types of storage systems and explain the circumstances under which they are typically used.  
 Describe the purpose of communications hardware.  
 Understand basic software concepts and commands. 
Lesson: Class Discussion 
 Complete the Do Now 
 Discuss the PowerPoint for the chapter 
 10 Questions about the Power Point 
 Complete the following 
1. Key Term Matching (page 86) 
2. Self-Quiz (page 86) 
3. Exercises (page 87) 
4. Discussion Questions 1 (page 88) 
5. Ethics in Action (page 89) 
 Students complete the worksheet for the chapter 
 The class go over the worksheet