Week of 10/26/2015

Computer Support Technology I (8622) 
(2nd Block, 4th Block, & 5th Block) 
Week of October 26, 2015 
Log on to http://learning.aries.net  
Do now: Come into class and have a seat. On the board, there will be instructions for them to follow or questions for them to answer. 
1. Questions 
2. Fill-in the blank 
3. Binary problems 
Explain the importance of power supply specifications 
Identify power supply specifications and their features  
Identify agencies responsible for power supply certification 
List and define common external power problems 
Describe electrostatic discharge 
Define line noise and explain the problems that this can cause 
Lesson 7: Power Supply Specifications 
 Complete the Do Now 
 Log on to Aries  
 Read and Discuss Lesson 7: Power Supply Specifications 
 Worksheet: Finding the Power Supply Specification 
 Exercise: Lesson 7 
 Questions about Lesson 7 
 Read and discuss Lesson 8: Problem Causing Power Events 
 Complete the Exercise for Lesson 8 
 Complete the Quiz for Lesson 8 
 Unit 2 review question 
10/26 Do Now: 1. The little red power switch is changed from 110 when. 2. What is the female receptacle called and what is it used for? 3. When should you open a power supply to make repairs? 4. In order to test a power supply out of the computer, you must have at least how much of a load connected? 5. What are at least 3 signs of a bad power supply?