Week of 01/11/2016

Computer Support Technology II (8623) 
(2nd Block, 4th Block, & 5th Block) 
Week of January 11, 2016 
Log on to http://learning.aries.net  
Do now: Come into class and have a seat. On the board, there will be instructions for them to follow or questions for them to answer. 
1. Scenarios and they have to figure the problem 
2. Charts and they have to put items in the proper order for networking to take place 
3. Questions  
Describe the basic purpose of the TCP/IP Suite 
Compare and contrast connection and connectionless in terms of the TCP/IP suite 
Describe important protocols of the TCP/IP suite 
Explain how IP addressing works on networks 
Contrast Network IDs and Host IDs 
Describe the characteristics of class A, B, C, D and E IP addresses 
Contrast Class D and E addresses with Class A, B, and C addresses 
Describe the distinguishing characteristics of broadcast addresses 
Contrast IP Addresses with MAC Addresses 
Explain how to conserve IP Addresses 
Define and describe characteristics of IPv4 with IPv6 
Lesson 7: The TCP/IP Suite & IP Addressing 
 Complete Do Now  
 Log on to Aries 
 Students will complete the LAB at the end of the chapter 
 Students will complete the review questions at the end of the chapter 
 Give students review questions packet for Chapter 7 
 Go over the review questions for correctness 
 Prepare for test on Chapter 7 on 01/14/2016