Week of 01/11/2016

Computer Support Technology I (8622) 
(2nd Block, 4th Block, & 5th Block) 
Week of January 11, 2016 
Log on to http://learning.aries.net  
Do now: Come into class and have a seat. On the board, there will be instructions for them to follow or questions for them to answer. 
1. Questions 
2. Fill-in the blank 
3. Identifying parts of the Motherboard 
Cite the different CPU interfaces available 
Describe SIMM, DIMM, and RIMM sockets 
Identify the different external I/O supports available on a motherboard 
Describe the purpose of the power supply socket 
Locate and describe the CMOS chip 
Describe how dip switches and jumpers work 
Cite and describe commonly used IRDs 
Identify the content that can be found in a motherboard manual 
Identify and describe features and configuration requirements of several motherboard  
Briefly describe power supply, floppy drive, hard drive, and CD drive motherboard  
Define and configure BIOS as well as understand the new features of UEFI 
Lesson 14: Introduction to Motherboards (continued) 
 Complete the Do Now 
 Log on to Aries  
 Discuss Unit 4 Review Packet 
 Test on Unit 4 on 01/12/2016 
 Begin Midterm reviewing