Input/Output Quiz

Computer Applications

During the week of February 4-8, students reviewed computer equipment and their classifications. Students classified new equipment (25 pieces) as input, output, storage or communication devices as a guided practice activity. They completed a study guide during the lesson and will be quizzed on the material on Friday, February 12 (5th Block) and Monday, February 15 (3rd, & 7th Blocks). All students took a Mock Quiz during the prior class period, circled missed items and were encouraged to take the study guide home to study. The quiz will be all pictures. In addition, we will start the Internet Unit during the week of February 15-19.



The Multimedia Class began their first unit project on Thursday, Feb. 4.  The project consists of students designing and creating their very own cereal box.  Students will include cereal names/logos, mascots, pictures of the cereal, nutrition facts, ingredients and a special gift (prize, game, toy, etc.) to include that will entice someone to want to purchase the cereal. Students will check their final copy with a rubric that will be used for grading.  In addition, students will display their boxes in the classroom.  All students in the class will vote on the winning cereal box and the class winner will receive a small prize.  The project is a chance for students to use their design skills and to begin using MS Publisher as a desktop publishing program.