APUSH week 30

Advanced Placement United States History

20015/2016 Course Syllabus—Ms. Hasley


Week 30:  April 18-22


18th      DRQ on Ch. 40

Finish working on timelines

Homework:  Read first half of Ch. 41


19th      Begin timeline presentations

Homework:  Finish Ch. 41 & thesis exercise


20th      DRQ on Ch. 41

Continue timeline presentations

Homework:  Read first half of Ch. 42


21st     Finish presentation of timelines & thesis exercise

Homework:   Finish Ch. 42 and finish your review projects!!


22nd    DRQ on Ch. 42

Review Projects Due

Homework:  Study for Supreme Court Case quiz—matching and you may NOT

use notes.  Also complete DBQ exercise—thesis statement




NOTE:  You all should be reviewing your notes nightly until the exam.  If you remember at the beginning of the course—you need to be responsible for getting the content down.  Go through your notes, highlight them, and devise methods of remembering pertinent facts.  Use the course outline projects.  Make sure you know all information concerning the topics addressed in it.