Exploration Chp 2-3

WHII.4 +5 Exploration and Colonization Name ______________________  
Teacher: Mcsherry  
The student will demonstrate knowledge of the impact of the European Age of Discovery and expansion into the Americas, Africa, and Asia by  
• explaining the roles and economic motivations of explorers and conquistadors  
• describing the influence of religion  
• explaining migration, settlement patterns, cultural diffusion, and social classes in the colonized areas  
• describing the Columbian Exchange, including its impact on native populations  
• mapping and explaining the triangular trade  
• describing the impact of precious metal exports from the Americas  
10/9 The student will analyze the motives and technology which made  
exploration possible.  
1st block – students will view a video on the World during the 1500’s  
After the video students will have a Chp 2 terms and questions wsht.  
3rd block – WHII.3 Test –  
After test – students will have a chp 2 terms and questions wsht  
1st and 3rd hw – finish chp 2 terms and questions wsht 
10/13 The student will identify the explorers during the Age of Discovery and will analyze the motive to spread Christianity.  
• Do Now #1 and turn in chp 2 terms and question wsht  
• Notes #s Chp 2  
• Complete time line activity on Age of Exploration  
• Homework: Complete WHII.4 Chp 2/3 map actvy 
10/15 The student will analyze the expansion into the Americas and the impact it had on the native peoples. The student will analyze the Columbian Exchange and the triangular trade and the impact of each 
• HW # 1+2 as do now check hw  
• Rev. and Take Chp 2 (Exp) Quiz  
~ After quiz start on Chp 3 terms wsht  
•Notes on Chp 3  
~ video: three worlds meet  
• Homework: Complete WHII.4 study guide and finish chp 3 terms wsht  
10/19 The student will review for the test on the Age of Discovery.  
• collect study guide WHII.4+5  
• rev. take Test  
• start Age of Absolutism  
***** Note—— there is NO FNQ for this unit – study guide due day of test- do not wait until the last minute******* Start early if you have questions please come s