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Independent Living, Course Guidelines

INTRODUCTION: Welcome to Independent Living!  
We will be doing some mini lessons on organization, time management, study skills and prioritizing assignments. Students can earn a credit for this class. This is a Pass or Fail class, a “P” or a “F” will be the assigned grade appearing on your student’s Interim Report/Report card. This class will provide students with academic support, feedback, and assistance to help them best access the general education curriculum and be successful learners. Students will also learn and practice organizational, test taking, note taking, math, and literacy skills to help them achieve success in high school and beyond. This class will also explore post-secondary options as part of their transition planning. 
Course Requirements: 
1. Attend class daily 
2. Actively participate in class daily  
3. Bring materials daily 
4. Maintain daily agenda book 
5. Complete assignments planned by teacher for your development of skills 
Classroom Expectations 
1) Arrive to class on time 
2) Bring current assignments to complete with assistance, if needed 
3) Bring enough work to occupy a 90 minute block ALONG WITH PLANNER 
4) Be prepared to record assignments in a folder I keep on each student detailing their assignments 
5) Be prepared to show me the assignment pages in the student planner when I ask to see them 
6) Be respectful of others’ differences and preferred learning style in Resource room 
7) Contribute to the supportive environment of the classroom by being helpful to one another 
8) Take responsibility for one’s learning: you are your own best expert! 
Warning Individual Conference Call home Referral to administration 
This syllabus should be signed and kept in the front of your folder. 
Parent / Student Agreement Form 
I read and understand classroom procedures and routines. I understand that I am encouraged to become involved with my class and activities for the class. I am also encouraged to contact Mrs. Simmons if I have any questions concerning the class itself or assignments my son/ daughter has for the class. Finally, I understand that it is my son/ daughter’s responsibility to bring assignments to resource class and work for entire 90 minutes. 
• Class Materials 
• Classroom Rules 
• Discipline Procedures 
• Daily Classroom routines and procedures 
Required Materials: 
1. Note cards  
2. Loose-leaf paper 
3. Pencil and eraser  
4. Blue or black ink pen 
5. School Agenda book (bring to class daily) 
Contact Information: 
Mrs. Darbara Simmons email: dsimmons@pgs.k12.va.us 
School Phone: 733-2730