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Week of Oct. 12-16

Do Now: parallel text structures (what are they? identify them. Why are they used? How can you use them in your own writing?) 
Grammar: nouns: abstract, concrete, collective, compound, subject, predicate, and object nouns quiz Tue/Wed. 
Begin prepositions: identify them, use them in sentences 
Literature: “Retrieved Reformation” pages 42-50 in textbook 
draw label plot diagram, label parts of the plot from the story, look at William Sydney Porter’s background; how was his writing influenced by actual events? Why did he choose to use a criminal as the protagonist? What would his purpose be? 
Read the story “After Twenty Years” by O’Henry. Compare the characters and ironic twist with “Retrieved Reformation” version. Quiz on story will be Friday and Monday of next week.  
Article of the Week number one is due Oct. 15/16th. Make sure to refer to your directions to complete all components.  

Week of Oct. 5-9

Nouns: subject, predicate, object, abstract, concrete, compound, and collective 
Article of Week #1: due Oct. 15/16 
Read Play: “The Spider Curse” analyze literary elements: characterization, plot, vocabulary, irony, and symbolism 
Read short story “Retrieved Reformation” pages 42-50 in textbook by Wed.Thur. reading check will be given 
Book Fair: Wed. and Thur. in the library (bring money if you’d like to purchase) 
Field trip to Poe Museum form is due by Oct. 8/9 

Week of Sept. 28th through Oct. 2nd

Webquest-webinar research about internment camps  
*take interactive quizzes 
*interactive word search using internment camp vocabulary 
Nouns: types of nouns-interactive grammar practice 
visit three grammar links on the laptops 
practice your grammar skills-receive immediate score 
Wed/Thur-quiz on Summer reading novel Manzanar 
Thur/Friday-vocabulary 2 quiz 
Thur/Friday-Project due on Manzanar 

Week of Sept. 21 through Sept. 25

Complete library orientation/student login ID. 
Return Vocab. one quiz/return Dawn of New Day essays 
Look at and discuss common mistakes made in the essays 
Farewell to Manzanar: Connection Project due Oct. 1/2 
Extension Groups about Manzanar: family dynamics, setting, therapy, racism, defiance, domestic violence, audience, point of view, and teen culture 
Review puzzle about the book for prizes 
Video clip: tour of Manzanar camp 
Journal Writing: 3 facts about the book, 2 questions you have about Manzanar, 1 thing you would to know more about internment camps 
Begin Vocab. 2 
compound and collective noun practice, create own collective noun  

Week of Sept. 14 through Sept. 18th

Grammar: types of nouns (abstract, concrete, compound, collective)  
vocabulary one practice (SAT) quiz will be Sept. 18/21 
Article of the Week training: practice the reading strategy with partners using article “Dangers of Cheerleading” 
Library orientation will be Fri. 18th/Mon. 21 
summer reading of Farewell to Manzanar needs to be completed by next week 

Week of Sept. 8-11

Welcome back students! We have worked hard to prepare for this school year, and I look forward to having you this year. Some things for the year have already been placed into motion such a field trip to the Poe Museum in Richmond. 
The first week you will get the supply list and procedures information. You will also take a pre-assessment on quotation marks, homophones, and apostrophies. It does not count as a grade however. We will also begin discussion of the summer reading assignment Farewell to Manzanar. Due to some teachers at Moore not passing on the information about the summer reading, you actually have until Sept. 21/22 to complete the novel. 
In honor of 9/11, we look at the guiding question of how does society define a hero? The theme of heroism will continue with many of our readings for unit one in our literature book.  
Next week, we have library orientation and back to school night for parents on Wed. Sept. 16th. 

Week of May 26-May 29

Students are getting back their SOL scores. We had 100% passing for reading. 🙂 
Create welcome letter to up-coming 8th graders. 
This week we continue Act II of Anne Frank. Complete study guide.  
Act II quiz-next week. 
Study guide due next week. 
Exam exemption letters will be going out.  

Week of May 18-May22

Practice SOL released questions-technology enhanced 
SOL review Bingo game using literature terms 
SOL practice: “A Magical Experience” 
Continue reading Anne Frank-quiz on part I 
SOL READING TEST: May 21, May 22 
play the quiet games that Jews played in hiding-checkers, coloring, cards, reading magazines, pingpong, crosswords-write reflection about difficulty of being quiet with the world going on around you. 

Week of May 11 through May 15

Reading 8 SOL Review Challenge: practice fiction, nonfiction, and poetry review questions 
Begin “Anne Frank” in textbook 
complete study guide as we read it aloud as a class 
Holocaust notes 
MYP students need to complete novel Devil’s Arithmetic by May 14th (companion novel to Anne Frank) 
SOL Testing dates for Reading:  
May 21-3rd and 4th blocks 
May 22-5th, 6th, and 7th blocks 

Week of May 4 through May 8

do now: text structure 
post assessment-same question set that you took in September for the pre-assessment 
Diary of Anne Frank-Scope magazine 
*text evidence *text structure 
video clip: Holocaust introduction 
SOL Review Challenge: fiction, nonfiction, poetry samples 
Article of the Week is due May 7,8 
English 8 SOL is May 21, 22 
interims go out Wednesday