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Here are the dates for upcoming quizzes and tests as provided on the Unit syllabus: 
WHII. 6 Vocabulary Quiz 10/26 & 10/27 
WHII. 6 Test 10/28 & 10/29  
*** Remember to complete your test prep to turn in the day of the test for extra credit!! 

Wrapping Up The Year

Our activities for the end of the year: 
Each student has been given a packet of activities to be completed in class at their own pace. The packets will be due on the following dates: 4th, 5th and 6th Monday June 8th; 1st and 7th Tuesday June 9th. These packets will be graded! Please encourage your student to use their time wisely 🙂 
Also, letters have been sent home with any student who is eligible for the SOL retake. Please sign and return these letters by Thursday May 28th!  
Any student who has to take the final exam will also be given a study guide. I STRONGLY encourage students to complete the study guide in preparation for the final.  

Extra Credit!!

Students: Do not forget to submit your extra credit on Monday (odd days) Tuesday (even days)!  
Bring in an example of competition. You will need to find the same item for sale at two different stores for two different prices. The items may be cut out and bought in to me or copied and pasted to a word document and emailed to me! 

Unit 10 Our Last Unit!!!!!

We are beginning unit 10 which is our last unit of new information. The students were given the first half of the terms Friday and Today. The second half will be given Tuesday and Wednesday. I strongly encourage students to memorize two or three a night in preparation for the quiz. This will be a BIG unit on Economics which means studying will be a MUST! The due dates are as follows: 
Unit 10 Vocabulary Quiz: 
4th & 6th: Tuesday April 28th 
1st, 5th & 7th: Wednesday April 29th 
Unit 10 Test, Notebook check, and Study Guide: 
4th and 6th: Thursday April 30th 
1st, 5th & 7th: Friday May 1st 
After the Unit 10 test we will jump right into SOL Review! Please encourage your student to come to class prepared each day! 


In effort to insure that all classes have approximately the same amount of study time for the Unit 8 test I have adjusted the test dates as follows: 
Thursday March 19th: 
1st, 5th and 7th blocks 
Friday March 20th:  
4th & 6th Blocks 
Given the extra time EVERYONE should have the study guide completed and notebook ready to be checked on test day. Remember to complete the highlighting and numbering.  
If you have questions concerning the study guide please be sure to email me: rholc@pgs.k12.va.us 


Due to Snow Days the Unit 8 schedule has been updated: 
Unit 8 Test, Study Guide and Notebook Check: 
4th & 6th: Monday March 16th 
1st, 5th, & 7th: Tuesday March 17th 
*** New this unit: As part of the student’s notebook grade he or she MUST complete the highlighting and numbering activity. This new study technique will require the students to highlight the answer to a study guide question in their notes. As we know, study guide questions become test questions so this activity will be very beneficial!  

Unit 8 Information

Due Dates for Unit 8: 
Unit 8 Vocabulary Quiz- Even Days Tuesday March 10th 
Odd Days& 5th Wednesday March 11th 
Unit 8 Test, Notebook Check and Study Guide Due- 
Even Days Thursday March 12th 
Odd Days & 5th Friday March 13th 
As always the study guide may be submitted at the start of class test day for extra credit IF it is completed entirely.  

Upcoming Assignments

Today and Tomorrow students will be taking their 2nd quarter benchmark. To review students should utilize Units 4&5 in their civics notebooks as well as the Benchmark Review given in class on Monday and Tuesday.  
Unit 7 Vocabulary Quiz- Even Days Feb. 10th 
Odd Days & 5th Feb. 11th 
Unit 7 Test and Notebook Check- Even Days Feb. 12th 
Odd Days & 5th Feb. 13th 
Study Guides for Unit 7 will be given in class today and tomorrow so that students can review the information covered in class as it is presented. The students should be completing the study guide on a nightly basis leading up to the test. As always, the study guide may be submitted at the start of class on test day for extra credit if it is completed entirely.  


I hope everyone enjoyed their snow/ice day! Since we missed school and we were late today I have had to make a few adjustments. 
The Unit 6 test has been cancelled. We will not have time to complete the test and midterm review in the short amount of time we have together.  
However, if your student submits a COMPLETED unit 6 study guide on midterm day, it will count as a 100 quiz grade. The Unit 6 notebooks will also be graded on midterm day. 
In class today (1/15) and tomorrow (1/16) students will receive their midterm study guides. I STRONGLY encourage each student to complete the study guide and BRING it with them on the day of their midterm.  
Remember, there will be no school Monday January 19th as we observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day.  
If you or your student has a question about the midterm study guide please email me. I will be able to respond faster through email since I will not see your student again until the day of the exam. 
Good Luck! 

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!  
We have returned from break and it is business as usual! Here are some very important upcoming dates: 
Unit 6 Vocabulary Quiz: 1st, 5th & 7th blocks will take the quiz on Friday January 9th. 4th and 6th blocks will take the quiz on Monday January 12th.  
Unit 6 Test, Notebook Check and study Guide Due Dates: 
1st, 5th & 7th will be Thursday January 15th 
4th and 6th will be Friday January 16th 
There will be no school for staff or students Monday January 19th.