6: January 2016

To All: 
Happy New Year. We are fast approaching the mid-point of the year and for the most part things are going well. 
Following are comments/information in regards to the Eagle Team and specifically the Eagles Social Studies classes. 
25 and 26 Jan 2016: Review days and full school days. 
27 Jan 2016: 1st period will test 
28 Jan 2016: 2nd period will test 
29 Jan 2016: 6th and 7th periods will test 
*** All students will take the mid term exam. If your student is absent you will need to coordinate with Administration for make-up day/time. 
*** All students present were issued their Exam Study Guide on Thursday, 14 January during their class with me. They need to be studying it now!! There is a two page, short answer Study Guide that is worth 5 XC Exam points and another 100 point homework grade if turned in on exam day. 
*** On 27, 28, 29 January students will be released to go home at 1145. Breakfast will be served at school on these days, but there will be no lunch service. 
*** There will be snacks sold during the 20 minute break between exam periods. Examples are Gatorade, chips, etc. Most snacks cost a dollar. 
* Monday, 1 February is a Teacher Workday and there will be no school for students. Report cards for 2nd Quarter and 1st Semester will come home on Friday, 5 February. 
A couple of concerns: 
Most students have made the transition to Middle School but there are a few that are still struggling with the increased rigor, the more serious nature of Middle School, the faster pace, etc. If your student is in this category please continue to work on them at home and to impress upon them that they are at JEJ Moore Middle School for an education and anything outside of that mission is a distraction. 
Please continue to check your students Agenda for homework but remember that my standing assignment every night is for them to study. 
Thank you for your continued support. 
R. Leary 
Team Eagle-Social Studies 

5: December 2015

To All: 
Christmas break is fast approaching and I need your help in reminding our students that the break does not start until 2:31 on 18 Dec. Up until that time it is business as usual. 
Upcoming events: 
16 December: 2nd Quarter Interim Reports go home DUE BACK TO HOMEROOM TEACHERS ON 17 DEC 
19 Dec 2015- 4 Jan 2016; Christmas break. 
Other Notes: 
We are currently starting US1.5 Colonization. This is the last unit that will be on the 1st Semester Mid Term Exam. I will issue each student a mid year Study Guide upon return to school in January 2016. 
Best Wishes to you and yours. 
R. Leary 
Team Eagle 

4: November 2015

To All: 
Quick Notes: 
* Please check your students agenda daily for homework assignments and notes from their teachers. Please be sure and sign your students agenda weekly. 
* This Thursday and Friday we will be testing on the Explorers Unit, US1.4. Please remind your student to syudy their notes each night. Grades are lower than I like and I suspect a bit more out of classroom study could turn the tide for most. 
* The County Christmas Holiday break will be from 21 December 2015 to 4 January 2016. 
* Interim Reports for 2nd Quarter will be sent home on 16 Dec. 
* Thanks for your continued support. 
R. Leary 
Team Eagle/Social Studies 

# 3: 11 October 2015

To All: 
Couple of items: 
* Remember to sign your students Agenda for the previous week. Sign below the “GO EAGLES” stamp. 
* Remember to check students Agenda for homework assignments. 
* Vocabulary quizzes this week for all classes. 1st, 6th and 7th are on Wednesday; 2nd period is on Thursday. 
* Current plan is to continue study of US1.3, Native Americans, for the rest of this week and then test on the Unit, next week.  
* Students need to be studying/reviewing previous materials on a nightly basis. At this level it is critical to student academic success. 
* We schedule parent/teacher Team Conferences on either Tuesday or Thursday with the three time slots being 0940-1000, 1000-1020, or 1030-1050. If you would like to schedule a Conference please e-mail me at 
Thank you for your continued support. 
R. Leary 
Team Eagle 

2: 3 October 2015

To All: 
This past Friday we took our first comprehensive Social Studies Test. The test was on Unit 2, Geography. The student had all of the questions as they were tested on previous quizzes, classwork, etc. The grade has been posted on Tyler. If you have access to that system you can view the grade. If your student has an “I” in the test category it means that they were either absent or did not finish the test. Either way, the plan is to get those students caught up on Monday.  
Interim Reports are coming home on Wednesday and Monday is the last day to submit grades so if for some reason your student does not complete the test the “I” will stay in the test column and be averaged as a zero until made up/completed. Since tests are weighted at 40% of total grade this can have a significant impact on the Interim grade. Do not panic until we catch up. 
On that note I will tell you that in some cases I am not pleased with current grades, as I am sure some of you are not. For the most part this material is a repeat of Elementary material so in all honesty I expect either an “A”, “B”:, or “C” at this point. Lower than that and we have either the possibility of a Reading Comprehension issue or a student failure to study/review the material outside of the classroom to the extent needed. We need to attempt to identify the issue and work to resolve it ASAP. In that regard I obviously need your assistance. 
On a more positive note I am very pleased overall with the conduct of the students on the Eagle Team. Myself, and other Team members, are getting very positive comments about the conduct of our students from all quarters. We obviously need to keep that up. As for me personally I can say that the students appear to have adjusted to my approach and to my expectations, but as I mentioned at Orientation; I expect that. Please compliment them as we want to continue on that positive road. 
Following are some events/notes of upcoming “stuff”: 
* Students were given their next Interactive Notes Folder Packet, US1.3, Native Americans, last week. We will begin our classroom study of that unit on Tuesday, 6 October.  
* Tuesday, 6 October is the last day to turn in Virginia Diner Fund Raiser packets. Than you for your support. All monies raised that the school receives is plowed directly back into student support. 
* Wednesday, 7 October 2015: Interim Reports come home. Please sign the brown envelope on the appropriate line and have your student return it to their Homeroom teacher on Thursday. The actual report is yours to keep. If you have any questions either stick a note in the envelope or e-mail me at 
* Remember that I use the Student Agenda as my primary means of of homework assignments. I post daily assignments, by class, on the classroom board and it is the responsibility of the student to copy that assignment down. If you would like a signature at that assignment I can do that; just have the student bring the agenda to me. Remember that the standing homework assignment for every night is to study and review previous materials. Your student should never tell you that they have no Social Studies homework. 
Thank you for your continued support. We are off to a great start! 
R. Leary 
Team Eagle 

#1: 26 September 2015

To All: 
We have been in school for several weeks now and I am going to relay a couple of observations at this point. 
* The students, as a whole, appear to be a motivated group wanting to do the correct things; which is good. Please continue to remind your student that school is a place to gain an education and the skills to be successful in the world, not a social venue. 
* We are currently still in the Geography unit of our Curriculum, (US1.2), and the plan is that by this Friday all the classes will be prepared to take the Unit test. This will be the first major assessment of your students out of classroom study habits/skills. At present we have been doing classwork, some written homework, and several reading quizzes, and overall we are in decent shape. As a reminder your student has a standing assignment of studying/reviewing EVERY night, even if they have no written homework. They should NEVER tell you they have no Social Studies homework. 
* Interim Reports will come home on 7 October. 
* Please remember to check your students Agenda every night for any homework assignments, upcoming quizzes, tests, etc. I do have a “Remind” account this year but, per my Parent Letter, my main means of communication is the student agenda. Both the “Remind” system and this “blog” are for general information relay only. 
* If you need your student to have my signature in their agenda then all they have to do is bring it to me. As per my Parent Letter, my signature is a capital cursive “L”. 
* Please remember to sign your students Agenda weekly beneath the “GO EAGLE” stamp. 
Thanks for all of your support. We are off to a pretty solid start. 
R. Leary 
Social Studies 
Team Eagle