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Week of September 14, 2015

signed forms 
AOW#1 due 9/15 
Character Sketch due 9/15 
Flashcards for parts of speech you do not know 
signed forms due 
procedures quiz 9/16 & 17 
Flashcards for parts of speech 
Flashcards for procedures (extra-credit) 

Week of May11, 2015

9H – Project due 5/19 
– Persuasive papers written in class 
– Quiz 5/11 vocab. 12 
– review pronoun/ant. agreement rules 
– punctuation worksheets  
– poetry terms 
9Reg – projects due 5/18 
– review pronoun/ant. agreement 
– review poems when we read them in class 
– study poetry terms for a quiz next week 

Week of April 27, 2015

9H: Review for test on Acts III, IV, & V on Friday 
Projects due 5/19 
9REG: Last day for extra-credit is Friday 
Study for test on all acts Thursday and Friday. 
Must have topic for persuasive paper (5th – Tue., all other classes will be discussed in class on Tue. 
Projects due May 18. 

Week of April 27, 2015

9H: Review for test on Acts III, IV, & V on Friday 
Projects due 5/19 
9REG: Last day for extra-credit is Friday 
Study for test on all acts Thursday and Friday. 
Must have topic for persuasive paper (5th – Tue., all other classes will be discussed in class on Tue. 
Projects due May 18. 

Week of April 13, 2015

9H: Monday: Test on Acts I & II 
Wednesday: Quiz on Literature terms; Read Acts III & IV 
Friday: Test Acts III & IV; Finish play. (Test on play Tuesday on next week. 
9R: Monday and Tuesday: quiz act II; read acts III & IV 
Wednesday and Thursday: quiz acts III & IV 
Friday: finish play and quiz act V 
****Projects due 5/18 and 5/19; Please note some of the project assignments are different for 9H and 9R. See me!!! 

Week of April 6, 2015

Happy Holiday!!! 
If you want to work on your English grade, you may memorize the prologue before Act I, review what we have read so far, know your drama terms, or… work on the project due May 18 & 19. 
Romeo and Juliet Project: Due:_____5/18 or 5/19__________ 
Select one project from the options below. All work must be your best effort –above and beyond- and you must meet all the requirements to earn an A. Several projects allow you work as a group; however, all work will need to be completed outside of class. Creativity, originality, and neatness are always highly prioritized for all projects. Any MLA requirement must follow all proper citation conventions. Pick a project you will have FUN doing!!  
1. Create a detailed comic book for a significant scene in The Tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. You may not choose a short scene like ACT II; scene i – This should include paraphrased dialogue (may be contemporary), attention to details, setting, etc. This cannot be a 5 minute stick figure comic strip. Make sure your comic follows comic book form – blocked sections, creative graphics – especially with dialogue – Remember, comic books have attractive covers; this is often what lures you to buy them. If art is NOT your forte/strength- you may not want to attempt this project. 
2. Research and build a Globe Theater model. You must include a MLA Works Cited Page – make sure it is correctly cited! Use a variety of different materials. Again, creative, neat and impressive….I don’t want an Elmer’s glue nightmare! Additionally, you may NOT order a model online – that does not involve creativity, originality, research etc…. 
3. Design a 3d stage set for any scene in the play. The set needs to be elaborate, creative, original and “real” in appearance. Although sets were very simple during Shakespeare’s days, your set needs to reflect a modern day performance of the play. For example – if you are creating the Friar’s cell – what would it look like? What would he have on the walls? What props would he have in his cell? Your stage design must have the Scene and Act labeled on your set. 
4. Interview characters from the play using “entertaining” musical responses- (Single/one partner) Musical responses should simply be quick “snipits” of popular/universal songs. Usually 10-15 questions are a good number. Think about other characteristics often found in “radio” interviews e.g. traffic, weather reports, commercials….You must pay special attention to expression, articulation and inflection in your voices. Turn in a typed script along with “snipit” song titles. 
5. (Group of 4 only) Write a new or more satisfying ending to the play. Cast the parts with peers, and record your performance. Include costumes, scenery, memorized lines, music, and sound effects. A written script must be included (dialogue, stage directions). Script must be typed 
6. (Group of 4 only) Write a play that explains what started the Montague/Capulet feud. Cast the parts with peers, and record your performance. Include costumes, scenery, memorized lines, music and sound effects. A written script must be included (dialogue, stage directions). Script must be typed. 
7. Renaissance Chef: Pretend you are one of the “chefs” in the Capulet household, and you are preparing for the big party. Research a traditional Renaissance dish to share with your classmates. You will need to bring eating utensils if needed. In addition to researching a popular Renaissance dish, you will research information about typical meals and etiquette of this time period. You will turn in an MLA works cited page along with presenting the prepared dish and presenting a 3 minute prepared speech about typical food/meals and etiquette of this time period. Your speech should be rehearsed and focused on articulation and expression of the information you gathered. You may not use the 3 minutes to explain “HOW” you prepared your dish. You may not “read” to your audience. You are the expert on the subject! 
8. Learn to Juggle! Research how to juggle and present your new talent to your classmates. This will take lots of practice! You must create a poster introducing your act. Additionally, you will entertain your audience with a few “Renaissance” jokes” while juggling. This should be a rehearsed ACT for any great Renaissance Fair! This cannot be a presentation of “Look At Me Juggle!” Make your presentation entertaining!! Include a MLA works cited page of sources you used to learn to juggle along with your jokes! 
9. Create a Romeo and Juliet Newspaper. There is a specific handout with all requirements for this project if you are interested. 
10. The Saints and Pilgrim Dance – (Single/Duet). The Saints and Pilgrim Dance was a popular Elizabethan dance. Learn the dance, find some Renaissance music and teach your classmates the Renaissance “2 step”. You should be dressed in Renaissance fashion for this dance. You will turn in a MLA works cited page for the research of the dance and music used. 
11. Perform a Punch and Judy type puppet show. (single/duet) – You will need to research some information on this show and include a MLA works cited page. Create the 2 characters, and write a short skit for your characters to perform. You will present this performance for your class. Perhaps your skit can be Lady Capulet and Capulet arguing about Juliet’s betrothal to Paris. Perhaps Capulet finds out that Juliet has married Romeo? What will your stage be like??? You will turn in a typed copy of your skit. 
12. Fencing today is a sport; during the Renaissance fencing skills were a necessity. Research some basic fencing skills, introduce the terminology, and perform basic fencing moves in a live demonstration. You will turn in a MLA works cited page for all research. Have key words presented on signs so that the lesson is visual as well. Dress in fencing fashion. (you can make this)- Swords will be provided! 
13. Renaissance Portrait – Portraits were extremely popular during the Renaissance period – Mona Lisa- etc…research the style of paintings during this time period and paint a self-portrait using Renaissance painting characteristics. Color choices, and backgrounds are important to this era. You may use canvas, foam board, or canvas fabric. You may not use an 8×10 piece of paper. If art is not your forte, you may not want to attempt this project. Include MLA works cited for all research. 
14. Minstrel Performance: (single/duet) – Select a traditional Renaissance song(s) to perform for the class. You may play a guitar, flute etc. as accompaniment or use recorded instrumental music. Song(s) must be memorized. Performers should consider wearing Renaissance clothing. Include a MLA works cited page for research used for song.  
15. Sonnets: Write an original sonnet for each ACT (5 sonnets). Each sonnet must summarize the main ideas for each ACT. Remember, sonnets are 14 lines, abab/cdcd/efef/gg, and iambic pentameter. Additionally, each sonnet will be typed (your font choice) – and attractively decorated- either hand illustrated/enhanced or clipart. You may number your sonnets or give them creative titles. Create an attractive cover for your five sonnets.  

Week of March 23, 2015

9H: Test on phrases Monday 
Vocab. 9 quiz Monday 
Study drama terms for a quiz. 
Complete graphic organizer for Romeo and Juliet Characters. 
Be prepared for a quiz after every act we complete. 
9R: Quiz on drama terms Thursday 
Do flashcards for extra-credit 
Re-read sections of Romeo and Juliet as we complete them in class.  
Keep outline and graphic organizers up-to-date. 
Be prepared for a quiz after every act we read. 

Week of March 9, 2015

Weather has rearranged our schedule! 
9 H: Test on Phrases Wed. 3/11 
Vocabulary quiz Wed. 3/11 
Short story assignment due and test 3/19 
Study short story notes 
9 Reg: Write a hook to a short story (See handout attached) 
Review Short story notes for unit test Next Wed.  
Review “The Necklace” page 332. for reading check Leads 
The lead is the hook. It keeps readers reading and establishes topic, direction, voice, everything. A boring lead may keep the reader from reading on. You want the lead to create tension—a problem that the writing will solve. Don’t worry about including everything in your lead; if you tell too much too soon, then the piece has nowhere to go. Embed context—who, what, when, where, why—as writing progresses. 
I. Typical Lead: 
It was a day at the end of June, 1984. My whole family, including my mom, dad, brother and me, were at our camp at Rangely Lake. We arrived the night before at 10:00 so it was dark when we got there and unpacked. The next morning when I was eating breakfast my dad started yelling for me from down at the dock at the top of his lungs about a car in the lake. 
II. Action Lead: Character doing something 
I ran down to our dock as fast as my legs could carry me, my feet pounded away on the old wood, hurrying me toward the sound of my dad’s panicked voice. “Scott!” he hollered again.  
“Coming, dad!” I gasped, and picked up my speed. 
III. Dialogue Lead: Characters saying something 
“Scott! Get down here on the double!” my father hollered. 
“Dad?” I hollered back. “Where are you?” I was sitting at the kitchen table eating breakfast our first morning at our Rangley Lake camp, and from someplace outside my dad was calling for me. 
“Scott! MOVE IT. You’re not going to believe this,” dad’s voice urged me. I gulped down my milk, pushed away from the table and bolted-out the door, slamming the broken screen door behind me. 
IV. Reaction Lead: Character thinking about something 
I couldn’t imagine what my father could be hollering about already at 7:00 in the morning. I thought hard and fast about what I might have done to get him so riled up. Could he have found out about the cigarettes I’d hidden in my knapsack? Or the way I’d talked to my mother the night before, when we got to camp and she’d asked me to help unpack the car? Before I could consider a third possibility my dad’s voice shattered my thoughts. 
“Scott! Move it! You’re not going to believe this!”  

Week of February 23, 2015

9H – Projects were due Monday 2/23/15. 10 points off per day. 
1. Test Friday on Phrases. See packet. 
2. Most Dangerous Game handout due Wed. Be prepared to discuss in class. 
3. Study short story notes. 
1. Quiz Thursday on phrases (adjective phrases, adverb phrases, appositive phrases, missplaced prepositional phrases) Use the first half of packet to study. 
2. Review “The Cask…” short story on page 61. Review notes on the story for a reading check Thursday. 
3. Projects were due Monday and Tuesday. If you do not have your project with all completed papers next class (we might have weather again on Thursday, so I do not know when next class will be) you will take the media test (Only students who indicated in class Monday and Tuesday that their projects were complete are excluded from the test). 

week of February 9, 2015

9H – Projects due 2/17 
Complete grammar packets 
Read “The Most Dangerous Game” page 213 (Reading check quiz on Friday) 
Study short story notes for a quiz next week. 
9Reg – Projects due 2/18 
Do front and back of one page of phrase worksheets each night. Tomorrow for class you should have pages 75 & 76 completed. 
We are reading “The Cask of Amontillado” in class. Review at home for a reading check. 
Study short story notes for a quiz on the terms next week.